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The site program at ARCS is a TK-8 school consisting of mixed-age, self-contained classes. The program emphasizes 'learning by doing', with particular focus on character growth, teamwork, reflection and literacy. Our staff is trained in highly effective teaching practices and  focuses on students needs as individuals.

Education is an adventurous journey at American River Charter School. At the heart of our site program is the thematic learning  projects.  These projects are purposeful, extensive studies of a single topic.  They revolve around challenging projects, field trips, adventure, and service, and culminate in exhibits, performances, or publications.  Teachers design their own learning projects that align with district and state standards.  Harnessing the power of adventure and discovery,  these themed projects lead students to become motivated in their academic work and develop perseverance and self-discipline.  These investigations inspire and compel students to learn reading, writing, mathematics, and other skills & content they need to produce high quality, original work. They help students excel on the standardized tests by which student and school performance are regularly measured.

The staff at the site program guide students in their learning adventures with care, compassion, and respect for their diverse learning styles, backgrounds and needs.

At American River Charter School we value:

  • The journey of self-discovery built into challenging and meaningful learning projects;
  • The experiences and ideas that each individual brings to a classroom;
  • Collaborative work and competition with self;
  • Fostering attitudes and skills in students and teachers that help us to learn from, and to be of service to, others;
  • Parent involvement so that all children have at least one caring adult (besides the teacher) who knows them and whom they trust;
  • Multi-age classrooms that foster multi-year connections and relationships with students and adults;
  • Field trips that add first-hand learning and enhances the classroom experience.