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Why Choose ARCS?




· Traditional or alternative curriculum focused on New State Standards.

· Hybrid Program

· Instructional Funds for Academic Needs

· Vendors for Curriculum, Supplies, Classes, Tutors, and Educational Activities

· Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for students with special needs

· Parent Driven Field Trips

· Parent Driven Educational Activities and Presentations

· ROP/Vocational Training

· Classes, Music, Drama, Sports at Golden Sierra High School

· Community College and online classes for credit


The ARCS Independent Study Program is designed with the belief that parents are the primary educators of their children.

ARCS will ASSIST, SUPPORT, and ENRICH our homeschool families.

ARCS provides Supervising Teachers (ST’s) to parents to partner together in choosing a broad array of curricular options. Through our ever-expanding vendor list, you and your ST choose classes and curriculum to help meet your child’s individual needs.  In addition, parents may seek vendor approval for specific PE, cultural events, and educational activities.

Supervising Teachers (ST’s) support your efforts by tracking learning and offering guidance toward the CA Standards. Individualized Educational Plans (IEP’s) can be developed for students with special needs.  Our sponsorship by the Black Oak Mine Unified School District allows ARCS students access (space permitting) to classes, clubs, music, journalism, drama, and athletics at Golden Sierra High School.

ARCS enriches your independent study experience through cooperative efforts. Vendors offer academic and interest-based classes and tutoring; parents and ST’s plan field trips and schedule educational opportunities. Examples of such cooperative efforts have included writing, art, history and science classes, as well as trips to museums and plays.  Because these efforts are parent-driven, the options are flexible depending on the interest of families.


American River Charter School provides a rigorous, challenging, and adventurous  education. Varied programs, which are responsive to student and family needs, will be interesting and complex. Satisfying, high-quality student performance will be the result of powerful, consistent, teacher-collaborated instruction and diligent, persistent student-effort.  The atmosphere will be joyful, trusting, and respectful.  Students will become skillful, curious, life-long learners, creative problem solvers, caring, involved community participants, and global citizens.

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