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American River Charter School (ARCS) is a school on the Georgetown Divide consisting of two diverse programs: a site-based program, and a Home School/independent study program.  Within the Home School/independent study program, TK-8th grade students have the option of attending a hybrid program where they meet on site two times a week.


ARCS Site Program: 
The site program provides students in grades TK-8 a site-based educational option with a focus on experiential, project based, thematic instruction. A focus at this school is on the whole child. ARCS emphasizes learning by doing, with particular focus on character growth (life skills), teamwork, reflection, literacy and the arts. Teachers connect high quality academic learning to adventure, service and character development through a variety of student experiences including interdisciplinary and project-based learning.


Home School/Independent Study Programs:
ARCS provides families two options for educating their students at home:

Home School/Independent Study Program 
Students in this program are able to select from a menu of options ranging from site-based classes to participation in BOMUSD classes (based upon space availability) including Visual and Performing Arts, Athletics, Vocational Education, Science classes and more. Teachers in this program provide services ranging from home visits, extra curricular activities, and small group instruction. This model provides services and resources to families through a dedicated budget of instructional funds allocated per pupil on a semester basis. This program also offers online classes for our High School students and many classes/vendors to support the Home School experience.

Hybrid Independent Study Program
Students can attend small teacher-led classes two mornings a week with 10-12 other students for group activities and instructional support. Instructional funds are also provided to families choosing the hybrid option. Hilma Valtatie, an independent study supervising teacher (ST), will be facilitating this program. Please call the school if you are interested in your child participating!


For more information about each of the programs, please click on the links at the top of the page.  Thank you!